About Us

About Us

   ORANGERY INDIA SERVICES as the very name indicates, started the production and trading of Water Sports Equipment’s such as Rowing Boats (Pioneers in India), different models of Kayaks, Canoes, Canoe Polo etc- all in FRP – in the year 2019 at Erode, Tamilnadu State, INDIA. We are having more than 8 years of experience in this same field.

The Tradition

Our boats are overbuilt and quality made, hand hewn to ensure that the boat building resume imprinted upon our working hands since the late 1990s is forged across every detail of your boat.

Strength, Simplicity, and Seaworthiness; these three words exemplify what our family stands for. A tradition of time-tested design and a continual straightforward approach, combined with uncompromising dedication to the highest quality craftsmanship. These three words are the channel markers that guide our company in tandem with our faith and conviction of service unto others.

Now the company owns the skill and technical know-how to manufacture more than 130 types of products under one roof, which nobody in the world can claim or boast of. Our range of products include from Single-man Kayak to 150... men capacity Luxury Double Decker Tourist Sea-going Boat. We are also manufacturing Catamaran type boats which are widely used all over the world ranging from 20-seater to 150-seater capacity. We are the major players in India in Water Sports, Tourism and Adventure Sports sectors and nobody can ignore our presence in the field of disaster management also. All our indigenous products – Kayaks, Canoes (Both Racing and Recreation models), Rowing Boats, Canoe Polo, Pedal Boats, Catamaran Moveable Floating Jetties, Eco-friendly Electric Boats-battery run (first time in India), Luxury Tourist Double Decker Boats from 25 to 150men capacity, Traditional Kerala House Boats in Fiberglass, Eco-friendly Electric “River Bus” (a new concept and pioneered by us), Inflatable Boats, Rigid Inflatable boats, Swamp (Air) Boats (again pioneers), River Cleaning Boat (Pioneers) Rescue Boats, FRP Flat Bottom Boats, Water Scooters, FRP Shikara, Small Fishing Boats, Floating Jetties, Lifejackets, Life Buoys etc are manufactured under stringent quality control supervision, adopting to the latest international technology and composites.

We are using the latest available composites such as Balsa Core / PVC Core sandwich construction with Isophthalic Marine Grade Resin/Epoxy with Vacuum Resin System with an eye to reduce the weight of the products which will have direct impact on lesser fuel consumption, high speed, more strength, more rigidity, added stiffness, low maintenance cost. We are proud to state that our boats are selected for conducting the National Games and Championships held for Rowing and Kayaking in India from 1994 onwards. The raw materials / accessories used in the above Boats are of the superior quality and almost major parts of the accessories used are imported ones.

  • FRP and Fabrication works / Aluminum / Mild STEEL
  • Marine Outfitting Equipment, modification, repairs. workshop equipment
  • Jigs, Fixtures and other duplication works
  • Structural design and fabrication
  • Professional Welding works and repairs.
  • Machining works.

We have our own qualified mechanical engineers who are able to advice on all design requirements. Our welders undergo stringent welding tests conducted by Classification Society’s on a regular basis to ensure that welding quality are of the highest possible standards.


  • Floating Platforms
  • HDPE Jetty
  • Concrete Marinas
  • Consultancy Services
  • Open & Cabin Passenger Motorboats
  • Pilot/ RescueBoats
  • Motor Powered SpeedBoats
  • Glass Bottom Boats
  • Inflatable Rescue Boats
  • Jet-skis (Water-scooter)
  • Consultancy
  • Kayak, Canoes and otherequipment’s
  • Board Watersports
  • Waterparks
  • Parasailing & Diving Boats

Our Services

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